One of the best features of the SS & TW Saddles is they can easily be adjusted to continue to fit as your horse changes or if you change horses.   If you are too far away for us to meet in person and would like help fitting your Specialized or TW Saddle register below and a measurement kit with instructions will be in the mail within a couple of days.  

  While you are waiting for your measuring instructions, take a few pictures of your horse and email them to TPeiper@aol.com.   Take a picture of the left side, the right side and one from above and behind the tail.

 These are the 3 places that we need to measure to determine which size cushions and shims your saddle needs to fit your horse.  The measuring instructions I send in the mail will give you more details about measuring as well as a flexible ruler and 11" x 17" paper for your tracings.  Your tracings will be life size and therefore must come in the snail mail so that I can measure them like I do in person.

  After I receive your measurements we will set up a time to adjust your saddle via phone and texting pictures.  First we will make the adjustments to the saddle, then we will check the saddle on the horse.  The actual fitting will take approximately 1 hour including a 10 minute ride to check the impression.  

  A good impression shows that the saddle stayed in the middle during the ride, didn't slide back or forward, left or right.  The hair should all be smooth and the lines on top and bottom should match.

  To ensure the best possible results for your fitting:

  • Have a helper 
  • Make sure you are working in a place with good cell phone service
  • Plan only the fitting for the horse that day, farriers, vets & lessons should be a different day
  • Allow enough time to possibly ride a couple times
Specialized, TW or DP Saddle Virtual Fitting
  • Specialized, TW or DP Saddle Virtual Fitting

Specialized, TW or DP Saddle Virtual Fitting

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Virtual fittings are done while we talk on the phone and texting pictures. Approximate time is 1 hour including riding for 10 minutes to get an impression on the horse's back to help us evaluate dynamic fit.

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